Foodie pen pal parcel – August

August ended with my second foodie pen pal parcel swap, a fab idea that began life in the States by Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean, before being introduced to the UK by blogger Carol Anne of this is rock salt.

Each month you agree to send a foodie parcel to a swapper, and get in touch with them to find out any foodie likes/dislikes, then start assembling a little parcel. And in return you receive a parcel from someone else.

I sent some goodies off to Mary, and received this yummy parcel of treats from Mandy in the Netherlands:


Inside I found:

  • two little boxes of hagelslag – chocolate to put on your bread!
  • two slices of ontbytkoek – eat it as a snack or for breakfast with some butter on it
  • a packet of stroopwafel cookies
  • a bag of liquorice
  • a box of mix for green beans and meat
  • a box of mix for cauliflower and chicken

Luckily for me, Mandy has translated the recipes on the back of the two packets into English!

Thank you, Mandy, for your generous foodie box!

If you’d like to join in the fun, head over to this is rock salt for more info.


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