Handmade / As snug as a bug in a shoulder cozy


Woo hoo, I’ve completed a knitting project!

I read about this shoulder cozy on Dottie Angel’s blog, fell in love with it and scooted off to Churchmouse Yarns to grab the digital pattern (isn’t it lovely that you don’t have to wait for patterns to arrive in the post?).

It didn’t take me too long to knit it, with my tip-top Addi 9mm circular needle. The yarn was two balls of Rowan summer tweed (in Toast) and one ball of something light, lacy and pink that was lying in my stash, just waiting to be turned into something fabulous!

Knitting something to look like garter stitch on a circular needle actually means knitting stocking stitch! Once I’d got my head round that it was pretty much plain sailing.


Yes, there are a few flaws thrown in for good measure, and it took me a few goes to figure out the K2TOG BLO stretchy bind off, but I did it!!!

I finished off the shoulder cozy with a crocheted shell edging done in a cotton DK yarn.


It was perfect today on what turned out to be a rather chilly May Monday, over a Cath Kidston summer frock, keeping me snug despite the breezes and thundery showers!

Sarah xx


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