image Homemade / Jam and sunflower (and pumpkin) seed thimbles

I made these last night and they are disappearing fast! These little thimbles are pure deliciousness and filled with goodness, which makes them even more delightful. I substituted pumpkin seeds for half the amount of sunflower seeds in the recipe, because I didn’t have enough sunflower seeds, but it mattered not, yum! Find the recipe at Green Kitchen Stories, and bon appétit!




  1. Yum! Your photos really make me want to try this recipe! Did you use the recommended arrowroot? – I don’t think I’ve seen it in the shops before and wondered if it was really necessary for the recipe to work? That jam looks tasty!

      • Thanks for the tip! I might get chance to pick some up today :) I love the Green Kitchen recipes. Have you seen the Honestly Healthy for Life book by Natasha Corrett? It’s got lots of healthy recipes too :) x

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