Out and about / A lovely warm Bath


A week has passed since I took a day trip to Bath with seven lovely crafty friends to scour the city for gorgeous yarn, fabric and crafty ephemera.

We let the train take the strain from Weymouth and Dorchester and chatted, crocheted and scoffed the two hours or so up to Bath.

I lived in Bath many moons ago, but that was before the advent of gorgeous shops dedicated to making and crafting, so there were many new adventures in store for me…


Our first stop was to be Wool, but not 10 metres from Wool’s door, we happened upon Country Threads, an amazing temple to superlative fabric, ribbons and buttons. Needless to say, we dived in, and I emerged some while later with some gorgeous material, but more of that another time…



We then arrived at Wool, and it was like being enveloped by a big hug, especially when I sat on their sofa! The ladies in charge were charming and the shop itself was stuffed to the gunnels with fabulous yarn. We just don’t have yarn shops like that in Weymouth or Dorchester, so we were all in seventh heaven.

I ended up buying some lovely crochet cotton, and some tops as a birthday present for my sister who has her own spinning wheel.

After a rummage through the Guildhall markets, and a yummy lunch at Café Retro, we descended on The Makery, which is now concentrated in one premises in Union Passage. Such marvellous crafty bits, bobs, fabric and lots more gloriousness besides. We gorged ourselves!

Ribbons from The Makery

Buttons from The Makery

There was just time for a pit-stop for a cuppa before we pootled back to Dorset on the train. The sun had shone for us all day, making sure Bath gave us a warm welcome. After such a delightful day, it won’t be long before we make a return trip, I’m sure!



  1. I only saw The Makery when I went to Bath a couple of months ago. Looks like you had a good time. Jean

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