Handmade / The crochet moodblanket – eight weeks in

It seems incredible, but yes, I’m 56 days (56 DAYS!) into the 2014 crochet moodblanket. I am so proud that I’m still keeping pace!


My colours are determined by what I see around me – the sky, the weather in general, or something that catches my eye.

So far this year, it’s been mostly about water – unprecedented rainfall, unremitting rainclouds and flooding, so there are a lot of grey and blue squares. Occasionally a sunny day broke through, resulting in a bright blue square, but to be honest, the weather’s been pretty harsh so far in 2014.

But then, just last weekend, and up to yesterday, three new colours!



  • A yellow square, when I spotted the first daffodils in our front garden.
  • Pink for the flowering quince in the garden, and also the camellia I clocked in a garden across the road.
  • And white, for the snowdrops I’m passing each morning on the way to work.



Who knows which shades are just around the corner? Spring starts officially this weekend – the end of a depressing winter is in sight!


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