Handmade / Where I’m as happy as a load of pigs in granny-square blankets


Now I know I’m mixing up a metaphor and a well-known phrase or saying, but bear with me…

I am revelling in the midst of not one, but two crochet blankets.

The first is the #crochetmoodblanket2014, which I believe started life on Instagram (that’s certainly where I spied it). The plan is to crochet a granny square each day, creating a stonking granny square blanket at the end of 2014. Many of those crafty types taking part are basing the square’s colour on their mood that day (hence moodblanket), but I’ve decided to take a slightly different tack, and my colours are that of the sky, weather, or the predominant colour outside that day.

Unsurprisingly, given the grey month we’ve had, there’s a lot of grey and dirge-shades among the first month’s squares. However, what is nice, is that I can pick out the days when we did have blue skies – such as that rare day when the sky was blue and it wasn’t too soggy underfoot, so we high-tailed it off to Corfe Castle to go on a medal-quest. Memories are made with this blanket.

But as you can imagine, a granny a day is quite a tall order. It’s so far, so good, and we’re 28 days down. Wish me luck with the other 350-odd!


My second blanket is one for my daughter’s room, which I’m in the process of redecorating. I’ve had these four super-chunky yarns for quite a while, and was suddenly seized by the need to crochet hexagons. With such a bulky yarn, the blanket is taking shape quickly – great for giving you a feeling of accomplishment! And the hexagon itself is proving a simple shape – how has it taken me so long to try them? After asking for pattern recommendations in Instagram and Twitter, I checked out Attic24’s hexagon pattern, but eventually plumped for the hexagons at LoopKnits.

I’ll keep you updated with blanket-progress.

Sarah xx


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