Handmade / The great Movember cardi!

Movember cardigan

At last, it’s finished! At today’s Chain Gang meeting I sewed my two cross-stitched buttons onto the Great Movember Cardi, as started in our knitathon earlier this month.

Moustachioed pocket

The knitted part of the cardigan is a triumph, and a great tribute to the Chain Gang ladies who slaved over it. Fellow Gang crocheter, Sarah, and I didn’t feel we were up to the standard of the other knitters, so decided we’d each crochet a moustachioed square for pockets, and we covered some buttons with cross-stitched hearts.

Covered buttons detail

We discovered that we both crochet to completely different tensions, so my pocket is quite a bit bigger than the other Sarah’s, ooooops! Never mind, as they say, it all adds to the character of the cardigan ;-)


The knitters were incredibly organised during the knitathon – 20 minutes of knitting followed by a change of cardi-part to keep mixing the tension up. And the result is fabulous! Here Jenny models an arm…


And Emily finishes off the first part of the cardigan…


Sarah made us each a moustachioed-hero badge. I chose Burt Reynolds…


Toby is raffling off the cardigan at Number 35 Coffee House, where the Chain Gang meets every Wednesday, between 11am and 1pm, all in aid of Movember. If you’re in Dorchester before the end of the month please come and join in!



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