Handmade / Movember Cardi Knitathon


This Saturday I’m involved in the Chain Gang’s Movember Cardi Knitathon,  from 9am at Number 35 Coffee House, 35 High West Street, Dorchester. We’ll be knitting a fantastic cardigan, as quickly as possible, aiming to get it finished in a day!If you’re in Dorchester on Saturday, come along and knit, come along and watch, enjoy a coffee, put some money in the bucket, or buy a ticket for a chance to win the undoubtedly fantastic cardigan!

MO13 Primary Logo Ranged NEG copy

The raffle will be running throughout Movember, and we’re hoping to raise lots of pennies for this great cause.

Big shout out to Toby at Number 35 for hosting us and to King Cole yarns for donating the yarn and pattern. We love you!



  1. I have fundraisers available also. I just started my business, but I had 2 Fundraisers so far. One group of 12 people made over $3000 and one group of 8 made $1800. Check pout my blog for what’s going on.
    I wish you a great turn out . Wish I was closer.

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