Book review / Crochet at play by Kat Goldin

Crochet at Play

I’m always a sucker for a new crochet book, and having been following Kat Goldin’s blog, Slugs on the Refrigerator, and her Crochet Camp for a while, I couldn’t resist snapping this up in a bookshop in town a couple of weeks ago.


First impressions of the book were good, very good. Loads of things to make for my girls, from hats to cardis, and probably my favourite – the hedgehog mittens. What nearly-three-year-old will be able to resist sporting a pair of prickly woodland creatures on her own paws? Watch this space for some upcoming hedgehogs…


I also fell in love with the flat cap pattern, not for the girls, but for me! Kat was good enough to respond to my Twitter question about how I could upsize the pattern, suggesting I use a chunkier yarn. I immediately went out and bought some chunky yarn and can’t wait to start (although of course, like thousands of crafty types across the globe I have a fair few other works-in-progress on the go/hook!).


The first thing I started was the star rug, which I’m making to go in our playroom. I’m using Hooopla and Boodles yarns, and a 10mm hook. Using such thick ‘yarn’ means it builds up quickly (even when I have to frog a few rounds, ooooops!). This t-shirt yarn comes in some fabulous shades, and I’m making it out of brighter colours than I might usually do for other rooms in the house.


I also made this little raincloud brooch using the crochet cloud that gets appliqued onto Kat’s mittens. I sent it as part of a ‘make and bake’ swap I got involved with on Instagram.

I absolutely love little cloud, and actually was wondering, if I set up a little Etsy (or alternative) shop, would someone like you buy a brooch like this??


In a nutshell, I would totally recommend this book. It has patterns I haven’t seen the like of elsewhere, and for the things I’ve made so far, the instructions were straightforward. Plus, although I’ve never met her, Kat seems a warm and welcoming person on her blog, Twitter and Instagram. Who wouldn’t want to buy her book?!

What are you working on at the mo? Have you ever crocheted one of Kat Goldin’s designs?

Sarah xx


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