My bespectacled style / Velma shoes

Velma shoes

I bought these shoes almost four years ago, and after ferreting them out of the bottom of my wardrobe I have finally fallen in love with them!I originally bought them off eBay, to complete a fancy dress costume. The theme for the birthday party was cartoon characters, so a group of us went as Scooby Doo and the Mystery Inc gang!

I was Velma – the most glamorous one to my mind ;-) – and so ordered these shoes to go with my roll-neck and cord A-line skirt. But for some reason I never wore them.

I am happy to tell you they now have a new lease of life, and will be seen throughout the autumn teamed with an impressive array of colored tights!


I really love Autumn when it means I can dig out my tights and my cardigans! Here’s today’s outfit…


What are you sporting at the mo? If you’re in the northern hemisphere like me, have you dug out your woolies? And if your in the southern hemisphere, has spring sprung? Lucky you!

Sarah x



  1. Love your shoes…they’re like dolly shoes! I have a similar pair in brown…it’s amazing how you can change your mind about something if they’re hidden away for long enough! Your floral skirts are so pretty 😊

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