Out and about / Weymouth – the best plaice for a seafood festival


Wow, this weekend has been a scorcher, with non-stop sunshine. The weather provided the perfect conditions for this year’s Dorset Seafood Festival, held around Weymouth’s stunning Old Harbour – the perfect backdrop.

Dorset Seafood Festival stalls

There were thousands of visitors sampling all manner of fish, shellfish and other local delicacies like garlic, bread, olives and beer. How fabulous to be surrounded by happy, smiling, suntanned faces.

Seafood paella at the Dorset Seafood Festival

Being able to walk into town meant we ate at the festival on Saturday and Sunday, all four of us filling our tummies with seafood paella, mussels cooked in garlic sauce, seafood kebabs, pancakes and doughnuts! I’m so proud of my girls, who are very good eaters, and tuck straight in when faced with a plate of paella or a dish of mussels. Now that’s what I call a paella pan!

Dollies' Doughnuts

The freshly-cooked doughnuts were lush – you have to follow up those seafood dishes with something sweet!

Ice cream van

Or maybe an ice cream? I loved this retro-style ice cream van. Wonder what its jingle was?


As usual, there were some stunning yachts moored around the harbour (must check that Lottery ticket that’s been lurking in my wallet for weeks!)

Panoramic view of Weymouth Beach

As you can see, the main Weymouth Beach as pretty busy over the weekend, but you can always find yourself a space.

Punch and Judy on Weymouth Beach

The town prides itself on its traditional seaside fare – Punch & Judy anyone? I’m kicking myself for not snapping the donkeys too.

Newton's Cove

Being locals we know the quieter beaches, and this spot was the perfect place to cool off after the hectic festival.

Hope your weekend was happy,

Sarah x


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