Handmade / Flower power!

Finally, I feel that summer is here. The days are warmer and longer, and we’re actually getting to sit and play outside (the trampoline had practically given up all hope of ever seeing us again!).

Flowers are back in my life. And in a big way. I crocheted this fabulous corsage, based on the Attic24 blooming flower cushion post. It’s had all manner of lovely comments at work and out and about.

Crocheted corsageAnd then yesterday I came downstairs to the kitchen, looked out into the garden, and saw that my first bearded iris had bloomed. It’s called either Black Knight or Dark Knight (I can’t remember which), and is, quite simply exquisite. I think it’ll be followed by two more. Gorgeous.

Bearded irisOther blooms in my garden include two alliums being practically swamped by a rampant purple wallflower. And now, drumroll please, I’m waiting for tons of peony and opium poppy buds to open. With a but if luck they’ll make a stunning display. I’ll let you know!

Alliums and wallflowersThe warmer weather has also inspired my bigger girl to run through a load of water jets at a new square in Dorchester. Rather her than me!

Fountain fun!How have you been enjoying the sunshine? What’s in flower in your neck of the woods?

Sarah x



  1. Oh how I miss the bright sunlight and warmth of summer. We’re in winter here and not much is flowering bar the following red gum I noticed while walking this morning x

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