Handmade / Multi-coloured swap shop

Recently my crafting has been consumed by swaps – making things based on a theme and sending them off to an unsuspecting swap partner, then getting goodies sent to you by someone else!

It’s really great fun – you meet loads of interesting people and swaps challenge me to find new and interesting things to make (usually with my trusty crochet hooks).

First up were two swaps organised over on Instagram by the lovely Jackie (aka @hunnypothouse).

For the Spring Makes Me Sing swap I made some goodies for Rachael Alexander of sew, ray, me:Spring makes me sing swap makes

and got all this fabulousness from @TaffyClare:Some bunny loves me swap

Keep calm teatowelThen, for the Some Bunny Loves You Easter swap I made some more goodies for @BaileysBear:Some bunny loves you swap makes

and got these amazing gifts from @beckydaydreamer:Spring makes me sing swapI was also involved in a nautical swap, organised by Rachel from the House of Pinheiro. I crocheted a starfish, seahorse, shells and coral, and used them to decorate a fabric bag. My parcel took three weeks to make it all the way to Australia! But it finally arrived, phew!Crochet starfish for the nautical swapIn return, Liz (@_busylizzie) sent me the sweetest little polka dot and striped purse that she had sewn, along with a little tray, featuring some adorable Aussie wombats, and some TimTam biscuits from the land of Oz.Nautical swapSwaps really do mean you meet people you would never have know any other way, and bring you some delightful, unusual and fabulous gifts! Heaven.

Have you ever been involved in a swap?

Sarah xx



  1. Is there a central swap hub you use? Like Swap Bot (I might have remembered that wrong)? The only swap I have done is the Bead Soup Blog Party hosted by Lori of Pretty Things blog. That was a fun one, using beads chosen by someone else. I fancy a swap of crafty goodness too though! Maybe you need to write a guest post for me about swapping and I can return the favor when I find a swap to join. Have a great bank holiday weekend, hope it doesn’t rain like it is here! x

  2. I do the odd fabric swap, but I don’t really have time to make things to swap. I have enough trouble finding time to make enough for my shop and stalls!

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