Guest post / Puff stitch neck roll

Neck roll peek

Hi, my name is Lou and I’m very happy to guest posting on Home to Roost today. I write a lifestyle blog called Make, Do, Sew and met Sarah through blog school. We share a love of craft and have followed each other’s progress for the past year. I was chuffed when Sarah wrote a post for my blog and was equally happy when Sarah kindly agreed for me to guest for her.

My post today is about a crochet neck roll scarf that I’ve made, however please bear in mind that I am in no way a pro at crochet, I’m quite happy to muddle along and see what I end up with! This neck roll was so easy to make I thought I’d try to write up some basic instructions in order to share it, so here goes…

Neck roll materials

The neck roll is made up of basic chain stitches and puff stitches, I have made a quick YouTube video tutorial demonstrating how to do a puff stitch, it’s very easy and looks great. I used an Aran yarn and a size 7mm crochet hook. The number of stitches will vary depending on the type of yarn and the size of hook you use.

Neck roll foundation chain

– To start off create a foundation chain, the length of this depends on how deep you want your neck roll. Once you have your foundation chain slip stitch another row starting in the second chain from the hook.

Neck roll - starting the puff stitch

– Once you’ve got to the end of this row chain three and then do your first puff stitch into the second stitch from the base of the chain you’ve just done (see pic). Once you’ve done your first puff do one chain stitch. Continue alternating one chain stitch and one puff stitch until you get to the end. In your last stitch chain three then turn your work and repeat as above.

Neck rolls - rows of puff stitch

– Keep going crocheting row upon row until you have created a long enough rectangle of work to go around your neck. The fit is up to you, a shorter piece of work will result in a snug fitting scarf, a longer one will create a looser fit. If you want your roll to loop around the neck twice just keep crocheting until you get the required length.

Neck rolls - more puff stitches

– Once you have the length you need tie off your last stitch, match the two ends together and join with slip stitches. Sew in any loose ends.

Neck roll finished article

And there you have it, one snuggly neck roll scarf. Hopefully my instructions make sense, one day I’ll learn how to write a pattern correctly.

It’s been lovely putting together this post and guesting on Home to Roost, please feel free to pop over and see me on Make, Do, Sew, and finally a big thank you to Sarah for being such a welcoming host.

Lou xxx



  1. Such a lovely project. Alas I cannot crochet! Been meaning to learn for a while. Hope that this year I will find the time to so I can make this cowl :)

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