A capital weekend

imageThis weekend we took our elder daughter (six years old) to London. It was her first proper train trip, her first visit to a really big city, and her first West End show – The Lion King.
imageTraditionally I haven’t been a fan of musicals, but must admit that The Lion ing completely blew me away, and I became really emotional, right from the beginning. No explanation.

We walked miles, we ate at some really interesting restaurants, including a fabulous curry platter at Masala Zone in Covent Garden, and delicious moules et frites at Belgo, in Seven Dials.
imageWe took an amazing flight on The London Eye, and saw all the sights from Battersea Power Station, via The Houses of Parliament and St Paul’s Cathedral, to The Shard, London’s newest, tallest and shiniest high-rise.

We mooched past Big Ben and along Whitehall, posed on a lion at the base of Nelson’s Column, gazed down The Mall, checked out the Horseguards, and then went to ‘The World’s Finest Toy Store’, Hamleys, where Moo was spoilt for choice in how to spend her pocket money.

imageAnd then… we went to Liberty, the most beautiful store, selling the most beautiful things. It was very much a speed-shop, but I still managed to breathe in and absorb the stunning fabrics, yarns and haberdashery on offer. And I left clutching three balls of cotton yarn, although it took me a while to choose just three! In a word, gorgeous.

London is the most amazing city – it thrills and impresses me each time I visit, which isn’t as often as I’d like. Have you been to London, and Liberty in particular? What did you think? What did you see? How much did you spend?

Sarah x



  1. I have been to London twice. First time was part of a bus trip in England, a present from my parents for me finishing high school. We spent the total amount of 5 hours (!!!) in London, of which we spent 2 hours in St. James Park, where a girl of our group was mobbed, and the tour guide started to chase the thief while we had to sit and wait for him to return… How fun :)
    Second time was almost 3 years ago, when me and my husband spent 3 days there, first time out together somewhere, after our daughter was born. It was fantastic! I agree, London is the most amazing city :)

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