The one where I find out I’m like Mr Toad

I’ve discovered that I share more with Mr Toad than I care to admit.

Luckily I’m not talking about bulging eyes or warty green skin, rather that if I see a fabulous new knit or crochet pattern, or see exciting new projects I just can’t stop myself starting them!

This means that I currently have several WIPs:

– I need to finish five knitted rectangles for the Twit Knit Scarf Swap. I’ve done two, and have two blocks that need edging and embellishing.
– I’ve started a secret crochet project for The Chain Gang’s Valentine’s Sop Swap.
– My granny square cushion cover is still ongoing – 24 squares in, 25 to go!
– And then this week I bought some fabulous new 4-ply yarn to make Tracey Todhunter’s wristwarmers from this month’s Inside Crochet.

So many lovely projects, so little time… However, January did actually see some completed work – take a look!

What about you? Are you a ‘completer-finisher’, able to get to the end of one project before starting another? Or are you like me and Mr Toad? Parp, parp!



  1. I love the comparrison to Toad of toad hall. I tend to have lots of projects on the go at one time so if I get stuck and loose inspiration I have another project to fall back on. But some times that does not help when there are dead lines I have to keep.

    • I’ll even send you a 4mm crochet hook if that would help you start! It seems daunting at the beginning, but once you get the knack (and you will) it becomes addictive – beware! Xx

  2. Parp parp I’m afraid. I am reminded of Moley and Ratty’s amazing picnic though- let’s plan one for the summer and we can finish some projects sat on a wooley blanket and eating ourselves daft!

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