Hooked on crochet

Looking back, January was a month chock-full of crochet.
Crochet is my most favourite craft at the moment. Quick, (fairly) straightforward, portable, and the results are impressive.

imageIf you follow me on Instagram you’ll have been ‘treated’ to numerous photos of my handiwork, and adding #crochet has brought me some new and interesting followers and fellow crochet fans.

Although I’ve been crocheting since April last year, for some unfathomable reason I hadn’t made any granny squares. Well, I’ve more than made up for that since the New Year, and following Lucy’s excellent instructions on her Attic24 crochet guru blog, I’ve started a granny square cushion cover to give a new lease of life to a big old cushion that’s been hanging around ‘naked’ for ages!

I’ve also bravely stepped away from my old faithful 3.5 and 4mm crochet hooks, and have been crocheting with my beautiful new 8 and 10mm hooks, using ‘yarn’ made from old t-short material. The Hoooked Zpagetti and Hoopla yarns have created some impressive work (but more about that on an impending February guest post on Make Do Sew).

I followed a lovely heart pattern in new crochet magazine Inside Crochet and then embellished it to make a keyring for my lovely cousin who’s just bought her first house.

And then at the end of January a friend from university gave birth to baby Elise. I covered a 3D cardboard letter E with a lovely pale lavender yarn and crocheted a little white heart to complete it.

Phew! Quite a busy handmade month.

What have you been working on recently?

Sarah x


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