A month of A-Z, from A to Z!

So our 26 December days of A month of A-Z came to an end, and I thought I’d draw together all the images, from the beginning, together with why they inspired me, made me smile (or just plain began with that awkward letter!).I posted each image into my Instagram stream with #amonthof, and onto my Facebook page too. I know that some of the images are stronger than others, and it was interesting to have that confirmed by seeing which images got the most ‘likes’ in Instagram (IG).

I’d love to know which is your favourite. Are you ready for a whirlwind tour of the alphabet? Let’s go!

A is for almonds, in my favourite wholefoods shop in Weymouth. You can literally buy any ingredient in there, from coconut milk to spelt flour, lavender and cheese. 11 IG likes.

B is for my beach hut Advent calendar, designed by Alison Hullyer. It’s so perfectly drawn, with a super eye for detail. 22 IG likes.

C is for cake, created by the wizard Toby at Number 35 Coffee House in Dorchester. It’s blueberry, with white chocolate mascarpone. 31 IG likes.

D is for this really cute owl doormat, which I spotted in Joshua’s in Dorchester. 10 IG likes.

E is for eggcup. I love this little chick! 9 IG likes.

F is for the fabric of this fabulous egg-yolk yellow dress that I snaffled at vintage emporium Custard Hall in Dorchester. 7 IG likes.

G is for granola at my favourite café in Weymouth (now sadly defunct). 8 IG likes.

H is for this really pretty hanger that, again, I picked up from Custard Hall. 4 IG likes.

I is for independence as my smaller daughter peels her own orange. 13 IG likes.

J is for a jugful of juniper berries (thanks to Toby for this idea). 7 IG likes.

K is for my little owl keyring. I bought him in Padstow in Cornwall in August 2011, so he’s looking a little shabby, but is still going strong! 16 IG likes.

L is for locks (I ran out of ideas for L!). My hair was looking a tad bouffant on this day! 11 IG likes.

M is for one of Toby’s little milk bottles, accompanying a proper teapot and teacup. 12 IG likes.

N is for Noel – the first one for 2012 in our house! 7 IG likes.

O is for oranges studded with cloves. Perfect for Christmas, what a lovely scent! 14 IG likes.

P is for panorama. Taken at Durlston Country Park, just outside Swanage, on the Dorset coast. This was the first time I’d used the panorama facility on my iPhone, and I even managed to catch a rainbow! 8 IG likes.

Q is for quintessential English Liberty print teamed with Japanese style icon Hello Kitty! 14 IG likes.

R is for retro games, this one is Bingo! 6 IG likes.

S is for salt and pepper. How cute is this pair? 14 IG likes.

T is for tweet – this is a really sweet little notebook for jotting down ideas, favourite shops, books, films… 16 IG likes.

U is for uniforms. I spotted this book and realised there really is a book somewhere in the world on every subject known to man! 9 IG likes.

V is for vintage jewellery. Somehow I gave this brooch to my mum for Christmas, rather than keep it for myself! 14 IG likes.

W is for the world – this amazing limestone globe at Durlston Country Park weighs 40 tons! 4 IG likes.

X is for Xmas tree, made by my dear crafty friend Lizzie. It’s fashioned from the pages of a book called Code name Verity. Now doesn’t that sound an intriguing read? 10 IG likes.

Y is for Yule wreath, spotted on a front door in Weymouth. I love the informality of the arrangement. 11 IG likes.

Z is for zebra. I really struggled with this one, then found this delightful, as-nature-intended zebra image saved by my six-year-old on my phone – job done! 2 IG likes.

So there you have it – a month of A-Z. It was great fun, and really made me scratch my head some days to post an interesting image. I hope I succeeded. Unsurprisingly, by far the most popular image was the great big cake!

Sarah x



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