image Show and tell – ginger spice


Today there are two things vying for highlight status…

Firstly, my six-year-old daughter sang her heart out at the Year 1 carols, explaining how she and her classmates painted a big snowman picture with handprints. A proud mama? You betcha!


Secondly, this week's edition of Gathered by Mollie Makes (a weekly digital crafty delight for iPaders) included my little needle-felted gingerbread man on the Show & Tell page. How exciting!


The gingerbread men are a perfect late addition if you feel your tree or mantelpiece needs a little something extra. Last week I drew together a little felt gingerbread man how-to.


If I don't post again before the Big Day next Tuesday, I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!


Sarah x

Gathered by Mollie Makes Show and Tell, 21.12.12




  1. Hi Sarah, I had to leave a comment as your gingerbread men are sharing the page with my crochet bauble. I also have a 6 year old, however he specialises in trying to look completely disinterested, putting his hands in his pockets, mouthing the occasional word and yawning.

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