Gifts galore for the big 4-0

This week I had a BIG birthday. But luckily for me, with big birthdays come beautiful presents, handmade with love and lashings of creativity, or chosen from lovely shops with taste and a fine eye.

My biggest present was my new bike (it was just like being 10 again!). It’s a stunning vintage-style ‘sit up and beg’ black handmade steel bike, crafted by British company, Pashley, in Stratford-upon-Avon. It has the most amazing ding-dong bell and a fabulous front basket. Love, love, love!

But here’s where I need your help. A bike with such beauty and personality needs a name to match, but I’m fresh out of ideas. What do you think? Do you have any suggestions?

Other stunning gifts included a beautiful and original cushion from my mum, who is a really talented maker; an amazing wooden yarn bowl made by Jenny’s dad; a gorgeous owl doorstop from my work colleagues; welly toppers from my lovely friend Kirsty; and countless paper drawings and ‘puzzles’ from my elder daughter. I really do feel loved and blessed.



  1. What lovely presents very lucky indeed. I’m thinking Charlotte as a name or Lily, something old fashioned or even a pretty name like Alice or Annabelle.

  2. Betty? Something retro to match her I think. Wanted to pop by and let you know I tagged you in an ultimate Christmas wish list challenge. Looks like you might not be needing a thing though since the big bibibbbbirthday!

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