Weekend wishlist – which one’s your favourite?

This week I’ve gathered together things perfect for a leaf-crunching, toffee-apple-munching day out and about. And I’d love you to join in and vote for your favourite piece x

I absolutely adore hats, and berets are probably my favourite hat-style. I’ve got lots of different colours, but this gorgeous blue would probably complete my collection!

Ever since Emma posted this picture (and the subsequent pattern) on her blog it’s been on my to-crochet list. It’s perfect for autumn days, I just need to squeeze some more making time into my day. (If you have any tips on how to achieve this, pleeeeease let me know!)

I’m really loving yellow at the moment (as evidenced by this To dye for board) and when I saw this yellow corduroy (one of my fave fabrics) skirt I knew it had to go on this weekend’s wishlist.

I have a purple plaid-style cape that I thrifted in town, but this grey one is even more lovely. Dear Santa…

My ‘lugging everything about’ bag is shown its age, so I’m thinking a yellow satchel would be a perfect replacement.

And finally, I really love vintage bikes. I’m not a very good cyclist (my balance is pretty off), but I feel a bike like this might inspire me to create some pedal power. You can buy new old-style bikes (does that make sense?) – I’d need one that could take a baby seat on the back! I have a ‘big’ birthday coming up next month, maybe if I start dropping some very unsubtle hints..?

Sarah x

PS you can see all these images, and find out where they came from on my Autumnal girl about town board.



  1. I’ve got a fabulous bike- a modern version of a vintage one. I use it to collect my groceries and run errands and I LOVE IT. You just HAVE to get a bike. And if I’m not on the busier roads I eschew my helmet in favour of my baker boy hat :-))

    • Hi Ali, I ditched Blogger and moved my posts over to WordPress, using the Oxygen template. I’m pretty pleased with how it’s looking, just getting used to images sizes, etc! Do you have a blog? I need to follow you! Sarah x

      • Ah I don’t have a blog, I’ve set up a homepage but that was about it! Not brave enough to take the leap and not sure I have enough to waffle on about to make people want to read it either! I may add it to my list of things for the new year. We are currently struggling to find a house at the moment so things are very stressy! Ali x

  2. Love the poll idea, and love the options. As a crocheter I had to go for the snood, and besides – I have very poor balance so my bike riding is limited to those at the gym that don’t topple over! lol!

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