Part of the delights of Blog School is meeting and chatting with people from all over the world.

It got me to wondering, where do the other Blog School students live? What does their hometown look like? (I’ve always been fascinated by where someone comes from).

Weymouth has been smiling back at me over the past few months. She was gorgeous during the Olympics, and even tonight (Guy Fawkes’ Night) she put on a great show.

I’d love to see some images of your hometown. How about a blogpost, with links to others who have done the same? Or an image on Instagram with the hashtag #atownlike ? Would you join in? I’d love to hear your thoughts…

Sarah x

Update, 08/11/12
Thanks to everyone who has play along so far, on Facebook and Instagram. There are some seriously fascinating and exotic towns out there. You can read about where the Blog School-ers call #atownlike at:

Whit B Nimble (South Korea)

London loafing (London)

The dashing Hans (Australia)

This grand life (Australia)

Naomi Bulger (Australia)

PoppyFox at home (Australia)

Minsmash (Australia)

Modern nomads with kids (Australia)

Pikelet workshop (Canada)

Cats eat dogs (USA)

Random acts of zen (Australia)

France has coconuts (New Caledonia!!)

Love Sundays (Australia)

Vintage Sew and So (Australia)

Sexymomgp (South Africa, plus why Corenne’s blog is called that!)







  1. It looks gorgeous. Makes me want to visit. I’ll get out and about today and tag some of my Insta photos. It’s a gorgeous day here..so need to make the most of it. Going to have a nosey on your blog too. x

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