Seasonal shift

Sweet pea posy in thrifted pot

This weekend my neighbour gave me a posy of sweet peas from her garden. The flowers smell absolutely divine and have filled the kitchen with their scent. Heavenly.

I arranged the flowers in a little pink pot which I recently thrifted for about £1.50 in Weymouth. It’s a perfect match for the blooms. I love it when you come across a simple pot or vase that you just know will set your flowers off beautifully.

These last couple of days have started to feel a smidge autumnal. The sweet pea gift made me want to mooch around my garden capturing the last of my lovely flowers before they lose their colour, their petals, or both. Here’s the result…

The Echinacea have been amazing this year
The Rudbeckia are starting to look a little threadbare
Verbena bonariensis and fennel are two of my favourites


Are you like me – can you feel the seasons starting to shift? It’s back to school for the Moo on Thursday, which means that autumn is definitely on its way. Before we know it, it’ll be Hallowe’en and Guy Fawkes’ Night!

Sarah x



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