Olympic fever


I live in Weymouth, Dorset – a fairly unknown holiday town of the bucket and spade and fish and chip variety.

Or it was.

That was before the Olympics came to town and the whole world saw what an amazing and beautiful spot I live in.

For 10 days now we’ve been hosting the Olympic sailing, an event that the town and county had been planning for years. After years of saying ‘When the Olympics are here’, it seems strange to say ‘Now they’re here!’

And it’s been so worth it. The vast majority of Brits are practically bursting with pride and excitement over the Olympics, including me. I’m proud of my town, my country and Team GB.

Weymouth looks amazing, both in the flesh and on the television. There are flags everywhere, even on all the boats in the Old Harbour (which is particularly picturesque). Everyone is happy and smiling, and everyone I’ve spoken to has been having the most fantastic time.

It’s shown the world what Weymouth and Dorset have to offer – a World Heritage Coastline, an amazing beach, great restaurants, friendly people, fabulous harbour… the list of previously hidden gems is endless. And equally importantly, it’s shown Weymouth that there’s a whole new world of potential visitors out there, and has broadened its horizons.

Have you ever been to Weymouth? Do you know Dorset? Did you see me on the television?! ;-)



  1. I do know Weymouth! I used to go there for summer day trips as a child. I have fond memories of the town and LOVE Dorset! Just about do-able in a day from North East Somerset :) It must be lovely to live there by the sea!
    Claire x

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