This evening, I posted a comment on one of my favourite blogs, One Sheepish Girl, that I was ‘born middle-aged’, a fact that seems to be increasingly true.

Case in point – I’ve just finished crocheting a coaster as part of a thank you present for the mum of Moo’s BFF. This kind and generous woman has looked after Moo all this week before and after her dance summer school. Trying to corrall three small girls in this heat is no mean feat, I salute her.

But a coaster? My 20-year-old self would never have entertained the idea of crochet, but at 39, it’s become part of my life. Am I sad? Am I old before my time?

I also like drinking tea and wearing slippers. Is my fate sealed? Will I be mostly wearing beige very soon, and eating sandwiches in my car on cliff tops, but never getting out? It’s a scary prospect!

Maybe I should just get over myself and embrace the things that make me happy. I’ve never been comfortable going out loads and clubbing til dawn (I’d rather be tucked up in bed!). But I’ve finally accepted that I don’t actually envy those who do. So it’s time to love my little old granny self, and smile (I do still have all my own teeth, though!).

Sarah x

PS, the coaster was made from a pattern in a lovely book, Crochet Workshop, by Erika Knight. And it’s not the last coaster I’ll be making, either!


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