‘a’ is for apple cosy

It was the Moo’s last day at school today, and I found it a strangely emotional experience. This was her first year of school, and she has grown and developed, physically and emotionally so much during the year. (That said, she can still cry like a baby at the drop of a hat!)

Her teacher, Mrs D retired today, so it was a doubly poignant ‘last day’. I knew that Mrs D would get loads of flowers and chocolates as thank you presents, so I wanted to make her something myself. What I chose to make were highly impractical creations, and I like them all the more for that!

For ages I’ve wanted to crochet an apple cosy, designed by the über-talented Sara Sinaguglia. Sara also lives in Dorset, so not too far from me, so it felt good to make something that had also been designed in Dorset too. Her blog is gorgeous – go check it out!

I first saw Sara’s cute apple cosy on the cover of the inaugural issue of Mollie Makes, a fabulous magazine for people who like to make, thrift, craft, design and basically revel in gorgeous things. Mrs D seemed like the ideal person to make an apple cosy for, with a real ‘apple for the teacher’ inside. So I used a gorgeous purple yarn and hooked my way to a cute cosy – job done! I finished it off with a cute green heart button from the wooden knitting needle lady at Dorchester Market.

I saw a little owl on a thank you card and used him as my inspiration for a cross-stitch owl. (Does anyone else find cross-stitch ever-so-slightly addictive?). I’m really pleased with how he turned out!

Both presents were packaged together in a paper bag, embellished by the Moo. Fabulous, heart-felt, and home-made – what could be better?

Thank you Mrs D, you’ve been a dedicated, enthusiastic and patient (!) teacher.

Sarah x



  1. Hi, thanks for your sweet comment! In amongst all the boxes of chocolates, I'm willing to bet good money that ours was the one and only apple cosy! It's nice to be different! ;-). Sarah x

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