On Friday the postman was in a very generous mood. He delivered a parcel filled with goodies from Deb of A World of Imagination. This was all part of Mary Poppins‘ fun and fabulous handmade heart swap.

The thing I love most about what Deb sent me is that I wouldn’t be able to create anything like the treasures she sent me. Handmade and decorated notelets, a little sewing tableau, a necklace, a little heart keepsake box, and a pen (which, actually, I’m pretty sure Deb didn’t make herself!) by Jan Constantine, whose designs I love!

So, thank you Deb, I love all my treasures!

And you may be wondering what I sent Deb in return…

1. A knitted dishcloth, from a lovely pattern I found at Page by Page. This was the first time I’d knitted something like this, and the heart provided me with some challenges, but I won… in the end!

2. A crocheted heart keyring, discovered at Pepika.

3. A sewn heart, rescued from a shop in Dorchester.

4. A very cute felt handwarmer, designed by Mollie Johanson.

5. A little cotton bag that I designed and embroidered myself! I must admit, I’m very proud of that little creation.

I can’t recommend enough getting involved in a swap. It challenges you to think about what you’re creating for your partner, and introduces you to interesting people you might not ordinarily meet!

In fact, I’m pondering organising a swap. What do you think, would you join in if I did?

Sarah x



  1. Don't worry and jump in! The lovely thing about a swap is that the item(s) is/are made especially for you, and they're special, whatever they look like ;-). Thanks for your comment, Sarah x

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