Oh crumbs!

Blackberry cupcake

Or, having my cake and eating it too.

There’s a new coffee house in Dorchester, and the proprietor makes a mean cupcake.

In actual fact, he’s very generous in serving cakes (I got extra mascarpone topping on my chocolate and raspberry cupcake today), so much so that before too long I am going to be ENORMOUS!!

And there’s yummy sarnies, too – I am doomed! Thank goodness for Yorkshire tea – served loose leaf in a teapot, with china teacups.

Vintage chairs and tables, with quirky prints on the walls and someone in charge who knows his coffee, and luckily is too polite to call me a philistine for not drinking the stuff.

Lunchtime heaven. I’m not sure whether I should let you in on the secret of this little gem. I should? Oh, alright then… No 35 Coffee House, but don’t you dare steal my seat!

Sarah x

Apple and vanilla cake
Raspberry and chocolate cupcake




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