Another crochet creation

When I saw the crochet collar pattern on lululoves’ blog, I just knew I had to try making one. Well, never mind one, I’m just about to start my second, in purple (actually it’s a present for my mum’s birthday).
I can’t recommend the pattern enough, the instructions are really clear and straightforward, so… what are you waiting for, raid your yarn stash and dust off that 4mm crochet hook!


  1. Hi Meredith, thanks for your sweet comment. I'm off to meet up with all the family in a mo, wish me luck! Think I'll need a few quiet crochet minutes later after all the excitement! Sarah x

  2. Hello!I found your blog through the pin cushion swap flickr photos- I loved your birdy house pin cushion, its beautiful. I love the crochet collar too, I've had collars on the brain too but I hadn't found a pretty crochet pattern, I shall definitely check out lulu loves blog now! Oh and your blog is lovely too!xx

  3. Hi, thanks for getting in touch. Yes, I'm completely adoring lululoves' collar – so stylish (and so easy!). Please let me know when you've finished yours and we can compare notes! Sarah x

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