Sewing machine coveting…

OK, I admit it, I’ve fallen in love. And Twitter was to blame…

Somehow, somewhere I spotted THE most gorgeous sewing machine, combining two of my favourite things – high-tech gubbins and retro styling.

As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it (on my ‘favourite products’ Pinterest board at least).

And here it is! Excuse me while up mop up the drool. It’s a special edition retro Singer, available from John Lewis.

I inherited my mum’s old sewing machine when she splashed out on a new one. She had it for her 21st birthday so it’s xx years old (I’ll leave you to guess, but suffice to say that it’s even older than I am!). Despite being a shallow girl who is easily impressed by flashy new gadgets, I don’t have the heart to give it away. Besides, it had the guts to help me create Moo’s dinosaur costume a couple of weeks ago, we were a great team!

I also possess a ‘so old it even pre-dates retro’ Singer machine, which, with its broken motor, is being donated to my friend Lizzie, who apparently is a sucker for abandoned sewing machines.

What do you sew on? Do you agree with me that this one is the sewing bee’s knees? Or do you look for more than good looks in your sewing machine? If you met this one speed dating would you try and get its number?




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