It’s a bit like London buses…

…you wait for one for ages, and then three turn up.

That’s what’s happened with these three adorable crochet buttons. Virtually wandering crafting blogs (as I do – often) I found a lovely blog – one sheepish girl – created by Meredith. And on this blog there was one tutorial which really caught my eye – for the crochet buttons.

Now, I already have one project in progress – a knitted tea cosy, which is my first knitting project, and as such, has been a labour of love. As it includes intarsia, something I’d never even heard of until I started knitting the cosy, I don’t mind telling you that there’s been more than a little unravelling going on. Anyway, I needed a little pick-me-up, and the crochet buttons have done the trick.

How cute are they? I’m really pleased with the colour. The yarn is a Sirdar dk yarn called ‘Flirt’ (love that) made from 80% bamboo sourced viscose and 20% wool – gorgeous.

I mastered the magic crochet ring and crocheted the first button last night, and then did the last two this evening. I attached them to one of my favourite jackets (which had last all its buttons) with see-through snaps – ta-da! But now I really must finish that tea cosy.

So, what do you think?



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